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Designed by speech-language pathologists, EasyPace is an electronic pacing board that provides visual, tactile and auditory feedback. The design is minimalist and offers two pacing board options: 1) two large squares, differentiated by color or 2) an alphabet board which can be configured in alphabetical order or as a qwerty board.

Easy to Learn

Offers easy-to-follow tutorials, differentiated prompts and multi sensory feedback, making it perfect for individuals with a wide range of abilities.


Includes prompts at the word, phrase, sentence and conversational level as well as customizable functional phrases. Ideal for both personal and clinical use.

Useful Design

Board designs are particularly beneficial for individuals with limited range of motion or those who would prefer less conspicuous pacing.


EasyPace can benefit individuals with various medical conditions that affect speech, including Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and dysarthria by helping to reduce the rate of speech, thus increasing intelligibility. It is also appropriate for individuals with fluency disorders and any individual who would benefit from a reduction of speaking rate.


Customizable Colors

Make it your own with custom colors! Chose your favorite colors, your school colors or your team colors! EasyPace can be customized and personalized to keep you motivated!

Create Your Own Phrases

Personalize it! We understand that our predesigned sentences may not meet all of your needs. For this reason, EasyPace allows you to create custom phrases personalized for your individual needs.

Make Conversation

EasyPace offers 10 categories of conversational prompts. Whether the subject is school, travel, music or sports, EasyPace will help you get the conversation started!!


EasyPace allows you to adjust a variety of settings to customize your pacing board for your individual taste and needs.

Board Type

Change the type of board that is displayed


Change the color for the board and letters

Text Size

Change the size of the text for the phrases

Easy Mode

Change how the app displays the words in a phrase


Turn off or on the tone heard when the board is tapped


If available, make the device vibrate on tap

Swipe to Move

Allow user to swipe between phrases

Flip Conversations

Rotate the phrases while using conversation screen

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